Enjoy Hong Kong Curve!(No.4)

Enjoy Hong Kong Curve!(No.1:No.2:No.3:No.4)

Point F : Kowloon City Ferry Pier

The nearest viewplace from touchdown point. You can hear great sound of engine reverse!!

Touchdown of Cathay Pacific Airways B747-200F and Qantas Airways B747SP

Dynamic landing can be seen from here.

Japan Airlines B747-200F(Super Logistics)in taxiway and Thai Airways Int'l B747-400 take off!

Taking off with great sounds.

Xiamen Airlines B757-200 take off and Landing of United Airlines B747-400

You can see landing smoke clearly.

Point G : Northpoint Ferry Pier

The ferry terminal from Kunton and Kowloon City.

Cathay Pacific B747-200 "The Spirit of Hong Kong 97" in taxiway and Malaysia Airlines B747-400 ascending

You can see take off and landing from HKF ferryboats.

Thai Airways Int'l B777-200 gear up and Cathay Pacific A340 take off

Cathay Pacific B747-400 take off and HKF ferryboat

Sit windowside on ferryboat.

Point H : Kunton Ferry Pier

You can see the aircrafts on runway against buildings of Hong Kong Island.

Cathay Pacific B747-400 in taxi and Atlas Air B747-200F

Taking on runway in front of tall buildings.

Cathay Pacific Airways A330 take off and United Airlines B767-300 take off

Enjoy Hong Kong Curve!(No.1:No.2:No.3:No.4)

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