Final Approach to Kaitak Airport

Hong Kong Kaitak Airport Forever!

On July 5, 1998, Hong Kong Kaitak Airport closed, and new airport Chek Lap Kok opened the next day. We can't see the greatest approach "Hong Kong Curve" anymore.
On these pages, I preserve views of the airport and I say to anyone "Never Forget the wonderful airport, Kaitak!". Please enjoy all these pages and never forget "Hong Kong Kaitak Airport!!".


Terminal Buildings of Kaitak Airport

Photo Album of the Buildings

Enjoy Hong Kong Curve!

The finest View from the Ground

Kaitak Airport Photo Album

From My Photo Library

Hong Kong Curve on Flightdeck

Cathay Pacific CX250 Flight Report

"July 5, 1998" The Last Day

We never see such an airport "Kaitak"

Movies of Hong Kong Curve

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The New Airport "Chek Lap Kok"

Opening day report

Special Thanks

They join this project and offer me precious photographs.

Mr. Hajime Suzuki, Mr. Hirofumi Yagi, Mr. Morihiro Sugaya, Mr. Masaaki Watanabe, Mr. Michihiro Noda, Mr. Masayuki Suzuki, Mr. Koichi Tai, Mr. Tokiyasu Yoshino, Mr. Masahiro Morita

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