Enjoy Hong Kong Curve!(No.2)

Enjoy Hong Kong Curve!(No.1:No.2:No.3:No.4)

Point C : Ho Man Tin Hill

You can look around all of the airport from here.

Cathay Pacific Airways B747-200 and Cathay Pacific Airways B747-400F

Korean Air A330 and Garuda Indonesia A330

Turn right at the marker on the mountain.

Kaitak Airport all around

Point D : Hong Kong Aviation Club

The opposite side from terminal buildings.

Malaysian Airlines B747-400 and Vietnam Airlines B767-300

United Percel Service B747-200F and Gulf Air B767-300

Departing traffic can also be seen.

Myanmar Airlines B737-400 and British Airways B747-400

Cathay Pacific Airways A330 and All Nippon Airways B747-200 touch down

Kampuchea Airlines L1011 and Dragon Air A320

Polor Air Cargo B747-200F and Cathay Pacific B747-200 "The Spirit of Hong Kong 97"

Enjoy Hong Kong Curve!(No.1:No.2:No.3:No.4)

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