Enjoy Hong Kong Curve!(No.1)

I'll show you some viewpoints of greatest "Hong Kong Curve".

Enjoy Hong Kong Curve!(No.1:No.2:No.3:No.4)

Point A : Rooftop of Kaitak Airport Carpark

It is easy to acsess from terminal buildings.

Grandair A300-B4 and China Airlines B747-200

China Eastern Airlines A340 and Thai Airways Int'l B777-200 nightview

EVA Air B747-400 and Qantas Airways B747-400 in the evening

Aeroflot A310 and Japan Airlines B747-100

Singapore Airlines B747-400 "50th Anniversary" and China Eastern Airlines A340 from departure hall

Emirates B777-200 and Cathay pacific B747-200 "The Spirits of Hong Kong 97"

Curving Approach Light and Air Lanka A340 nightview

Point B : Downtown of Kowloon City

All aircrafts fly over the street with laud sounds.

Cathay Pacific Airways B747-200 and China Eastern Airlines MD82

Aircraft shot with Minibus.

China Airlines B747-200 and British Airways B747-400

Landing lights are established on commercial buildings near airport.

Landing view from Kowloon Shopping Center and China Eastern Airlines A340

EL AL Israel B767-200 and Virgin Atlantic A340

Northwest B747-400 and United B747-400

Enjoy Hong Kong Curve!(No.1:No.2:No.3:No.4)

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