Hong Kong CLK Airport

The New Airport "Chek Lap Kok"

On July 6, 1998, the alternative new airport "Chek Lap Kok" opened. I departed from the airport on CX510 to Fukuoka, but I felt everything is worse than Kaitat, the previous airport!!

Airport Bus "City Flyer" and Airport Expressway

These bus lines connects between airport and Kowloon area directly.

Aircraft parking area and Passenger terminal

I can't imagine Hong Kong from this view.

Check in counters

Almost half of counters can't work on the first day due to the troubles of computers.

Departure flight board and TV crews

This board was also out of order. We were all at a loss in the hall.

Departure Gates and Moving Walk

About 60% of moving walks stopped, we must walk to the gate for 15 minutes.

Parking area and Control tower

The tower confused, almost all departure flight delayed to 2 hours.

First day certification card

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